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Services -

Our main service offering categories are :

  • Security Services and Solutions
  • Private Detective Services
  • Security Consultants
  • Guarding Services
  • Investigation Services
  • Training Services in Detective and Security
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Security Systems
  • Executive Protection

    Security Services

    We are primarily involved in giving security services to various commercial establishments such as, Industries, Factories, Hospitals and so on. Over the years we have developed security services that are tailor fitted to the needs of individual client. We provide security service in pune and also security guard services, guarding services, private investigation services etc

    Security Consulting

    We are considered as a well reputed provider of accurate and affordable Security Consulting to many establishments. We do this in the following ways

    Security Survey

    For providing security arrangements, to start with, we carry out through security survey of your premises and assess the requirement.

    Threat Analysis (Survey I)

    Many a times, the threat lies within as well as outside. Therefore it becomes necessary to develop security systems and procedures for preventing internal and external threats. This involves setting up of screening process for employees, visitors, vendors, and in-ward / outward materials and so on.

    Design Considerations (Survey II)

    The layout and design of the actual premise is crucial to any Security consulting service. With design considerations we suggest: Access control (physical and electronic control), Intrusion detection (unauthorized intruders – trespassers), Material movement, Transport co-ordination, Staff, visitor’s, vendor’s workmen movement, Crisis management – fire, bomb threats, medical emergencies and other crisis, Safety and security of human resources, property and information.

    Guarding Services

    Our security personnel are trained on the lines as warranted by operations, systems and procedures of your organizations and also based on the policies and guidelines issued by your management from time to time. In general they will perform following duties:

    • Access control
    • Material movement
    • Security and safety of human resources, property and information
    • Physical search of staff, visitors and vendor’s employees
    • Movement control of visitors and escorting of VIPs and clients
    • Reception, mail receipt and dispatch duties
    • Security and monitoring of vehicle movement
    • Preventing misuse of water, electricity and other communication equipment
    • Preventing misuse of expendable stores and stationary
    • Transport management
    • Supervision of housekeeping staff while performing duty
    • Any other duty assigned by the management in the interest of safety and security
    Investigation Services

    Investigation is a part and parcel of security whether personal or property. Many a times, one may find themselves in positions where the truth is unclear yet is imperative to be found out. In such circumstances, our Investigations and Private Detectives Services can be of use to you. We have a proven track record of solved cases and have many satisfied customers as well. In the business of Investigations, we offer the following services:

    • Surveillance Services
    • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigations
    • Background Checks
    • Locating People / Skip Tracing
    • Corporate Investigations